Every organization and animal owner can register. When registering, you can select the user type:

  • Owner
  • Veterinary Clinic
  • Shelter (NGO or utility enterprise)
  • Animal club
  • Breeding kennel


After registering, you can submit information about your animals such as adding important events, new photos, videos, diplomas, etc. Thanks to the identification and registration in the database, you can increase the return probability of your pet in case of theft or loss.

Veterinary Clinic

Upon registering, you will receive your own online profile in animal-id.info. Then you can easily automate the activities of the clinic and greatly facilitate your work in animal registration. Also, using the platform can strengthen the loyalty of your clients because of the services provided on our platform.

Note! New product!

Recently, our team partnered with specialists of veterinary medicine to launch a software product for veterinary clinics to consolodate all of their information - http://myvet.info. The username and password is the same for both platforms. The free version of the product includes all the necessary features . Follow the link to read more about this product- http://myvet.info!

Shelter (NGO or utility enterprise)

As a pet shelter you can monitor and confirm the honesty of the data in your town or region. Correct information in the database allows for an honest account of identified animals in your city or region. We promote cooperation between community enterprises and animal welfare organizations to unite information on animals on a single online resource. It brings the identification to a new level of “human-animal” relations . Microchipping is the most reliable method of identification. However, understanding the realities of the economic situation, we have added the option "automatic generation of ID-number". It allows the registration of the animal without a unique transponders’ ID-number under a unique ID-number that is automatically generated by a computer and enter a morphological description and add a photo. This makes identification accessible to everyone. Registering stray animals in chapter “Adopt”, allows you to give potential owners a chance to find their new family member.

Animal’ club

Animal’ clubs – are the organizations which first and foremost should implement animal identification. Using our platform animal-id.info, you can organize your registry and have 24 hour online access. An available function, «online pedigree",allows you to enter the parentals’ ID-number that are registered in the database and automatically generate an online pedigree that will be displayed on the animals’ page.

Breeding kennel

This service allows you to register the whole animals’ litter. It can save you time on data entry as information is duplicated. All animals will be displayed in your online cabinet and later at a private kennel web page on the platform animal-id.info. The online pedigree of each animal will be available.