Partners and cooperation

Municipal programs for animal identification and registration

On the basis of city registries are created in order to:

  • monitor and account the amount of animals in the city
  • reduce the amount of stray animals in the city
  • return lost animals quickly
  • support non-governmental initiatives in animal protection field
  • control animal vaccination (particularly against rabies)
  • improve the sanitary and epidemiological situation in the city
  • develop a comfortable conditions for coexistence of animals and citizens.

Cooperation with commercial organizations

Only 1/3 of transponders in Ukraine are registered after implantation and there are often the occasions of duplication of the ID numbers, which can impugn the uniqueness of the identification and registration system.

The requirement of the European Association of databases EuroPetNet is the preliminary registration of the numbers of transponders and the creation of a "traceability" system (from the manufacturer to the organization that identify animals).

The International platform enables manufacturers of animal identification products to register their products preliminary.

The manufacturer can register products in the system with the following ID numbers:

  • transponders (microchips) if the code structure meets the standard ISO 11784 and ISO 24631.
  • tokens with unique numbers for city programs of animal identification. On each token the unique serial number and the link to the resource should be written.
  • ear tags with unique numbers for animal identification.

For pre-registration, the manufacturer must provide a sample of the ready-made product and the numbers. The manufacturer pays for pre-registration, further registration of the animal and system services .