Free microchips for the dogs in Lviv.

Why does your pet need microchip?

Unfortunately, pets are lost every day and only 10-15% can be found, others replenish the "army" of homeless animals!
Without a microchip your animal has a very small chance of returning to home!

Microchip identification is:

Microchip, unlike the token, can not be lost or removed. It's number can not be fake.
The chiping procedure is completely painless for the animal (as opposed to the branding, for example).
The microchip is injected under the skin around the animal's withers area during normal injection
Microchip size is small as rice grain (2mm * 12mm) is made of hypoallergenic bioscope, which does not cause
any damage to a healthy animal. In itself, the microchip is not active, that is, it does not
have an element of power and it is impossible to control it.
The procedure for chipping and registering in the database takes no more than 5 minutes


  1. the animal is lost
  2. caring people, or employees of the communal enterprise (KE) take the animal found to the veterinary clinic, or the KE
  3. A special scanner is checked the animal for the presence of a microchip
  4. Chip number search for the owner on the web-site
  5. the animal is returned to the owner

Free dog chasing in Lviv!

Currently, an international social project is being implemented in the city, within which there are 5 000
household dogs will be identified for free by microchip standard ISO 11784/85!
The identification procedure can be done in the veterinary clinics of the city or LME "LEV".

Where you can identify the animal with the microchip for free!

  • LKP "Lev"
    Promyslova st., 56, tel. +38 (068) 535-45-45
  • Animal Health Center "Dr. Vet"
    Lyubinsʹka st., 164-А, tel. +38 (067) 562-73-56
  • Veterinary clinic "ZAGAVET"
    Kyyivsʹka st., 17, tel. +38 (094) 993-83-17
  • Veterinary office
    Pulyuya st., 40, tel. +38 (097) 793-19-69
  • Veterinary Clinic "Rex"
    Pylʹnykarsʹka st., 8А, tel. +38 (097) 790-94-10

The chip does not send the GPS coordinates

Some Facts

  • Pets are lost every day, and only 10-15% - get back home, others enrich the "rows" of homeless animals.
  • Electronic identification is the most reliable, humane, fast and absolutely safe way of identifying animals.
  • In many developed countries, electronic identification of animals is mandatory, in other countries this procedure is very popular.
  • Since 2010, in EU countries the import of animals without the electronic microchip is prohibited.

Advantages of the electronic identification

possibility to confirm the
ownership of the animal

possibility to go abroad
with the animal

possibility of returning lost
or stolen animals
in Ukraine and abroad

possibility of animal insurance

Electronic identification is the choice
of every conscious dog owner!

Requirements to the dog
owners who want to identify
heir dogs with a microchip

  1. chipping is only for dogs
  2. for animals living on the territory of Lviv
  3. the pre-registration of the animal on the site is mandatory (confirm
    the introduction of data into the existing city register of animals of Lviv)
  4. the dog should have a rabies vaccine, which was carried out not later than one year before
    the time of chipping (otherwise you can do it in the clinic)

The number of microchips is limited!

The project is supported by

The project is being implemented by the "International registration systems"NGO
Grantor: Dogs Trust WorldWide
Partners “LME Lev”
For more information you can contact (phone: +38 (032) 252-30-41)

If your veterinary clinic wants to take part in the project, please fill out the questionnaire here