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HOW DOES IT WORK - is an international online platform which unites all data about identified animals, their owners and organizations that work with animals. The system generates big data and enables municipalities and other organizations to work with it.

Our goal and purpose:

The goal of our organization is to create an environment where humans and animals can live in harmony and enjoy their coexistence and to raise this coexistence and awareness to a higher and more qualified level. The purpose is to unite all data about animals in one online resource.


There are various problems in animal care field all over the world the solution of which is possible only with the usage of developed services. Among the main problems are:

Lost pets and stray animals

Low efficiency and visibility of city and private shelters

Puppy mills and illegal animal trade

Low cultural level of animal care

The control over animal vaccination

Overcrowded shelters and
a high level of euthanasia

Big variety of local registries in different countries/cities

Ineffective mechanisms for finding lost animals

The solution for the problem

Accounting and registration are the key steps in solving the problems in animal care field. platform is the combination of IT tools which can solve this problem easily and offers to their users different additional services

Active services

  • United international online registry of identified animals.
  • The systems of online registration and animal accounting for municipal and private shelters, veterinary clinics, cynological clubs and kennels.
  • The system of monitoring stray animals in the city.
  • United online platform for adoption.
  • Public registry of wild animals in capture.
  • Mobile applications and online profile of the pet owner.

The platform users

According to the market sector the potential platform users are:

  • municipalities and governments in different countries which have problems with animals.
  • pet owners (natural and legal person).
  • veterinary clinics, cynological clubs and kennels.
  • producers and organizations who sell products for animals.

Working experience

"International Registration Systems" is an expert regarging solutions for animal welfare problems on an international level. Since 2011 our organization has been a member of the biggest european database EuroPetNet. We partner with different international organizations such as FourPAWS, DogsTrustWorldwide, NatureWatch Foundation, etc.
The project development has been supported by "1991 Open Data Incubator", East Europe Foundation and "Kyiv Smart City"
Our organization gained practical experience and the results can be seens in the East European cities where our services are widely used.