10.01.2019 20:17

Animal-id.info in the capital of EU - Brussels.

Our organization took part in the international conference "THE ILLEGAL ONLINE PUPPY TRADE: TOWARDS A SAFER EU FOR ANIMALS AND PEOPLE ONLINE".

Among the participants, there are the heads and representatives of veterinary associations in many European countries, heads of the largest databases of identified animals, the managers of international cynological clubs, NGO`s and many other experts working in the field of animal welfare.

The problem of illegal animal trade online was discussed: possible ways of its solution, the key role of identification and registration of animals, the need of uniting data at the international level, the provision of animal control instruments while crossing the borders and the laws that will ensure the implementation of these instruments worldwide.
The size of the problem is huge: hundreds of thousands of illegally sold puppies that come to Europe, mainly from Eastern European countries (including Ukraine); most of the animals die on the road; eBay - the main online platform for selling puppies. Over 1 billion euros a year. Can you imagine?

Our team presented the audience a united international database of animals working on Blockchain innovative technology - animal-id.net. This decision has the potential to become precisely the key instrument that will provide a solution to this problem in the world.

Thank you all for the support and move on!

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