01.12.2017 12:12

Free Microchips For The Dogs In Lviv.

  5,000 domestic dogs will be microchipped for free in Lviv. Microchipping is the most reliable way of identifying animals.


  According to the project "Popularization of electronic identification and registration of domestic dogs in Lviv", this process has already begun on the basis of ME "Lev" and a number of veterinary clinics.

 According to the preliminary research, there are almost 41,000 of domestic animals in Lviv.

 In order to microchip a dog for free, you need to go to the animal-id.info website and choose from the list the closest veterinary clinic to you. There is also a questionnaire for clinics which would like to join this process.

 "A very important fact is that the dog should be vaccinated against rabies not later than a year before the time of microchipping, because Ukraine is a country which wants to overcome the rabies. We can not forget about responsibility! "- said Vasil Dub, co-founder of animal-ID.info.

 Animal identification has many important advantages, first of all, for their owners and for the security of the city as a whole.

 All the information about identified animals is in the International database.


  Remember that animal identification is the choice of every reponsible and conscious owner!

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