Search for the lost pets.

This section of the platform is intended to help people to find and return home their lost animals.
If you are registered on our platform and you have such trouble occurred, then by going to your personal profile in, click "submit a search" and your animals page will automatically appear in this section.
If you have no account on, then, first of all, create it and thus register the lost animal in the database. After registering maximum distribute information about the disappearance (be sure to specify a link to a missing pet profile) on social media, print and distribute favorite form it in and around the area where the pet was lost. If you for example, picked up the dog on the street and want to find the owner, then try to find the identified on animal. Carefully inspect the animal for the external visual identifier (token or tatoo) if not, then maybe it is microchipped. To test the chip in the dog, you should contact the nearest veterinary clinic. It uses a special device that reads. If the animal has a chip, and it is registered in the database, then to find the owner is very simple.

Online database of lost animals

Most frequently people are looking in the Internet for such database opportunities:
  • Search dogs on chip
  • Search cats on chip
  • Dog track on chip
But actually using chip standard ISO 11784/85, you can not remotely see the location of your pet. To solve this problem use special GPS trackers. At first glance it may seem that this is the best solution to prevent troubles associated with the loss of the animal. But these chips have a number of disadvantages, among which are the main:
  • this chip can not be entered under the skin, as required for its operation the battery under it can simply forget to take with you (usually attached to the collar) or forget to charge the battery
  • in case of theft pets collar with GPS chip off first So we always recommend to owners of animals first identify pet with microchip standard (ISO 11784), and all other methods - token, or even GPS tracker, regarded only as an additional means of identification. - is the electronic database of missing dogs and cats and any other animal species that are lost

On our platform you can register and submit wanted animals of all kinds.
No one is going to lose their pets, as well as does not plan any other trouble. Unfortunately, everything in life happens. Every year on the streets thousands of animals get lost. According to unofficial data in a city of a million people every day lost about 20 dogs! Registering an identified animal in the online database, you greatly increases the chances of pet return home.